Message from the Director

Matt Sloan, CIPRE DirectorThe challenges that we face as a global society today are complex, but our understanding of how organizations can work together to address these challenges grows every day. The Center for International Policy Research and Evaluation showcases Mathematica’s international research and disseminates the findings of our studies of programs in developing countries. Our goal is to provide actionable and reliable evidence on all facets of development, as well as examples of best practices in research from around the world.

I joined Mathematica in 2004 and began working on international projects in 2007. My focus on research to improve programs in the developing world came primarily from my interest in reducing poverty, increasing living standards, and improving the quality of people’s lives around the world. To that end, I have led evaluations of projects throughout Africa central to improving people’s lives in agriculture, education, and governance. I am most proud of my work assessing the effectiveness of girls’ primary education programs in Burkina Faso and Niger, which has led to increased investment and clear program improvements for these crucial efforts.

Leading a wide range of projects in a variety of development contexts has given me insight into the information that funders and implementing organizations need in order to make key program decisions. Improving the effectiveness of aid programs and informing policy in developing countries require a diverse set of skills that crisscross a wide variety of sectors and rely on strong management, flexibility, a commitment to capacity building, methodological rigor, as well as the ability to conduct fieldwork effectively on the ground. Mathematica’s international research team offers these skills in addition to a deep-seated commitment to improving public well-being. I’m excited as we look to continue expanding our reach in the coming years to take on increasingly complex and innovative projects in a variety of sectors. We look forward to providing evidence to inform decision making and improve practice around the world.

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