CIPRE People

Mathematica has more than 65 staff members who have experience conducting evaluations in developing countries. Among them are researchers, statisticians, and survey specialists who combine strong technical, analytic, language fluency, and management skills with extensive experience conducting evaluations in a variety of developing country contexts. In addition, our staff have a deep substantive understanding of the policy areas that are the focus of international evaluations, including education and training, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, democracy and governance, agriculture and rural development, and investments in infrastructure. Our staff offer extensive expertise in designing and implementing rigorous impact studies and in providing technical assistance that engages and empowers key stakeholders in the evaluation process. Our staff bring extensive expertise in developing appropriate survey instruments that are adapted to the project and country context; they also provide extensive oversight of local data collection efforts to ensure that high quality data are collected. Mathematica’s economists, statisticians, and quantitative social scientists are known for their expertise and judgment in selecting and using a wide variety of experimental and nonexperimental techniques and adapting them to the planned rollout of program and policy interventions.

We work to identify the appropriate team of experts that meets the needs of any specific evaluation.

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