Mathematica Experts Present LAC Reads Evaluation Findings at the CIES Conference

Mar 26, 2018

CIES 2018

International policy experts from Mathematica Policy Research presented at a major international conference sponsored by the Comparative & International Education Society (CIES), which took place March 25 to 29 in Mexico City, Mexico. Conference highlights included several Mathematica presentations on impact findings from the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Reads program. This program, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, has invested in early literacy and access to education across the region. Presentations included:   

  • Learning Partnerships for Literacy in Latin America: Generating Rigorous Evidence on Interventions to Improve Reading Achievement in Low-Resource Contexts, panel discussion chaired by Nancy Murray with presentations by Julieta Lugo-Gil and Camila Fernandez. Papers presented during the discussion included:
    • Evaluation of a School and Community-Based Reading Intervention for Linguistically Diverse Communities in Peru and Guatemala
    • Evaluation of a Strategy to Improve Reading Achievement in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Collaborating on an Experimental Evaluation of the Use of Assessment in Honduras: Implementer, Evaluator, and Data Collector Perspectives, panel discussion chaired by Nancy Murray with a presentation by Sarah Humpage Liuzzi.

They were joined by several other Mathematica researchers presenting on a diverse portfolio of education evaluations. Click here to view a full list of Mathematica’s CIES presentations. CIES is an organization made up of more than 2,500 researchers, analysts, practitioners, and students who work to increase the understanding of educational issues, trends, and policies through comparative, cross-cultural, and international perspectives.

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