Impact Evaluation Services for Access to Agricultural Finance, Farmer Training, and Irrigation Compact Activities in Moldova

Prepared for
Millennium Challenge Corporation
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The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Compact with the Republic of Moldova includes several initiatives designed to combat poverty and to stimulate economic growth, especially in rural areas. Mathematica's evaluation focuses on three compact activities: access to agricultural finance, irrigation sector reform and centralized irrigation systems rehabilitation, and the farmer training component of the Growing High-Value Agriculture Sales or Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development activity.

Mathematica is designing and implementing rigorous impact evaluations for compact activities. For the agricultural finance activity, we are conducting implementation and qualitative evaluations. For the irrigation component, we are using a matched comparison group design, measuring outcomes for farmers served by centralized irrigation systems selected for rehabilitation to farmers in similar systems not selected for rehabilitation. For the training activity, are using a random assignment design, estimating impacts using an instrumental variables approach. Data collection includes collecting longitudinal, in-person survey data on a panel of farmers.