Cabo Verde: Improving Performance in the WASH Sector

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Millennium Challenge Corporation
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Mathematica is evaluating the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project in Cabo Verde. The WASH project aims to increase access to, utilization of, and improve the quality of WASH services and infrastructure while reducing consumer costs. The project's three main activites are supporting national policy reform, promoting the corporatization of utilities, and creating a funding mechanism for infrastructure projects.   

Mathematica is conducting an evaluability assessment and will design and carry out a rigorous mixed-methods performance evaluation of the overall WASH project. Mathematica’s qualitative process analyses of each project activity will (1) explore whether MCC’s investment was implemented according to plan, (2) help contextualize quantitative evaluation results, and (3) provide a deeper understanding of the way policy changes affected different facets of the WASH sector. Process analyses will be complemented by additional analytical methods, including outcome analysis on the transparency of the water tariff-setting process, pre-post or trend analyses to assess outcomes included in utilities’ administrative data, and qualitative case studies of a subset of projects funded by the Infrastructure Grant Facility. In addition, Mathematica will use a quantitative pre-post analysis to evaluate the project as a whole. A synthesis of the process evaluations will examine which policy reforms were the main drivers of project effects. 

Ultimately, the evaluation will determine if WASH project activities have led to the desired outcomes. The results will help the government of Cabo Verde and the newly created intermunicipal Águas de Santiago water utility corporation strengthen the implementation of recent reforms, with the overarching goal of expanding access to improved water and sanitation.

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