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Human Dignity Foundation Learning PartnerThe Human Dignity Foundation (HDF) contracted Mathematica to be its learning partner during the final seven-year period of the foundation’s life. Since it was established, HDF invested nearly $48 million in grants to safeguard and support the well-being of children and youth worldwide. Most recently, HDF has focused on critical issues of violence against children in India, Malawi, and South Africa. Mathematica will strengthen HDF’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy; conduct an effectiveness review; synthesize learning gained through HDF’s investments; and document the foundation’s legacy. The activities to be conducted under this seven-year project include (1) a revised monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy and implementation plan; (2) two grantee stories of change; (3) one learning brief; (4) an end-line assessment; and (5) an ex-post assessment. These activities will rely primarily on data collected through a document review, stakeholder interviews, two rounds of online grantee and stakeholder surveys, site visits to three countries, and analysis of grantees’ monitoring data.

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