Job Quality, Health and Economic Performance

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Job Quality, Health and Economic PerformanceThis project systematically reviews the international literature and shows a business case for public and private employers to invest in better quality work environments for their employees, as well as a scope for governments to promote such investments through the provision of adequate guidance and support services coupled with the right financial incentives. Although understanding is now widespread of the risks of damaging employees’ health through a poor work environment, the role played by quality work environments designed to promote well-being at work is less well understood. But growing evidence positively links the quality of the work environment, employees’ engagement, and economic performance. The reviewed literature indicates that high quality work environments are associated with positive physical and mental well-being outcomes such as lower burnout, depression, workplace accidents; positive productivity outcomes such as lower turnover rate, innovative behavior, organizational commitment, profitability, longevity at the firm-level, and customer satisfaction; and positive societal outcomes such as higher tax revenues and reduced public spending cost.
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