Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership Impact

Prepared for
Cascadia Consulting Group

Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership Impact EvaluationMathematica is working with Cascadia Consulting Group to conduct an evaluation of the past nine years of work by the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership. The partnership comprises the Nature Conservancy, Point Blue Conservation Science, and Audubon California. This project is primarily a process evaluation to address research questions about whether the partnership has been successful and cost effective, particularly compared with the three member organizations working independently. Results of the evaluation will be useful to improve partnership practices, inform the development of operational scenarios, and make a case to funders for ongoing or new support. The Cascadia team will collect both qualitative and quantitative data through interviews, a staff survey, and a review of partnership data and reports. This evaluation will also include elements of an outcome evaluation, primarily in terms of partners’ perceptions of changes in policy, attitudes, behaviors, or bird population status that have resulted from partnership activities over the last nine years. The partnership has also closely tracked a number of quantitative indicators that point to outcomes and impact (for example, acreage annually available to migratory birds), and this evaluation report will include those key metrics.