The Evaluation of The Power of Nutrition

Prepared for
Children's Investment Fund Foundation
Woman with child


Undernutrition is linked to 45 percent of all deaths of children younger than 5 worldwide. Despite the existence of proven, cost-effective interventions to address undernutrition, there is a gap in the current financing for nutrition. The Power of Nutrition, an independent charitable foundation launched in 2015, seeks to catalyze new resources to improve children’s nutrition and end the cycle of undernutrition to enable children to grow to their full potential. The Power of Nutrition aims to achieve its goals through the following strategies:

  • Raising new private and public sector funds for nutrition through an innovative fund matching model
  • Investing in 5 to 10 high-need countries to implement evidence-based nutrition interventions that deliver results at scale
  • Reinforcing the priority of nutrition with country governments and key institutions to create greater ownership of nutrition program

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, one of The Power of Nutrition’s founding partners, contracted with Mathematica and its subcontractor, Avenir Health, to evaluate The Power of Nutrition over a period of seven years. Mathematica is working with Avenir Health to: (1) globally evaluate The Power of Nutrition’s impact and influence; (2) provide strategic, real-time feedback and inputs to The Power of Nutrition for monitoring and course correction, if necessary; and (3) extract insights and lessons to expand and replicate this model. In addition to the global evaluation, The Power of Nutrition also anticipates that independent program-level evaluations will be conducted in countries in which it invests. Mathematica will work with The Power of Nutrition team to review and provide feedback on the designs of these program-level evaluations.