Elementary School Data Issues: Implications for Research Using Value-Added Models

Working Paper 23
Publisher: Chicago, IL: Mathematica Policy Research
Oct 30, 2013
Eric Isenberg, Bing-ru Teh, and Elias Walsh
This working paper compares teacher/student links that have undergone a roster confirmation process—whereby teachers verify the subjects and students they taught—to teacher/student links from unconfirmed administrative data. Due to the departmentalization of instruction in math and reading/English language arts in grades 4 and 5, about one in six teachers in these grades and subjects is linked in the unconfirmed data to a subject that he or she does not teach. The authors discuss the circumstances in which using unconfirmed teacher/student links in value-added models most affect research.

Value-Added Assessment System for DC Schools and Teachers


District of Columbia Public Schools

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Elias Walsh
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