Exploration of Integrated Approaches to Supporting Child Development and Improving Family Economic Security

Nov 30, 2017
Emily Sama-Miller, Christine Ross, Teresa Eckrich Sommer, Scott Baumgartner, Lily Roberts, P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale
Families on limited incomes can struggle to navigate low-wage jobs or education and training programs while also searching for quality early care and education for their children. Some programs provide integrated services to parents and their children in an effort to solve this problem. This practice is sometimes called a two-generation or whole-family approach. This report provides: (1) key findings from a literature review, an environmental scan, and field work to identify and describe existing program models; (2) development of a conceptual framework to inform program design and research; and (3) an assessment of future directions for research and evaluation, which is especially important because the most recent wave of integrated programs for parents and children is still developing, and research can help.